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Re: [Fwd: sshd display]

On 11/21/2007, Uber Zooka wrote:
Because he's trying to go from a linux machine to a machine running Cygwin....

I think you're missing my point. If there's an answer to this question in the Linux->Linux case (or on any other UNIXy platforms that don't include Cygwin) then that same approach should work on Cygwin. If it doesn't, then that's a Cygwin issue and on-topic. If it does work, then that's the answer to the question and Cygwin has no bearing, thus the original inquiry is off-topic.

He's trying to run an app on a windows machine and wants to know how to make the console on the windows machine stay there.

Since 'ssh' is a client program on the client machine that's logging in remotely to the server machine, there's nothing visible on the server. Output goes to the client terminal. There's no visible mechanism on the server for this output to "stay" on. There may be other ways to achieve something that would be a reasonable alternative in this case but that would presuppose that we understand what actual problem the OP was trying to solve. That's why I suggested he provide more info if he has a Cygwin- specific issue.

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