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Re: Web servers

Terry Bailey wrote:

I am running cygwin on Windows 2003. The apache server in cygwin is running on port 80. The web server running on Windows under IIS is on port 81.
Why 2 web servers? Just like asking for trouble? My advice? Shut down IIS until you get Apache configured and working. Secondly, consider abandoning IIS all together...
If I put in a mime type (say the extension is .abx and the content-type is application/octet-stream) for the 2003 web server,
Stop. Where exactly are you putting that mime type? Are you defining it for Apache or IIS?
then apache in cygwin quits running even though ps -ef states that there are four or five instances of httpd running in cygwin.
If there are 4 or 5 instances of httpd running then it's quite clear that Apache has not quit running. What makes you say it quit running?
What is going on?
From your description it's hard to say...
Does the httpd.conf file in cygwin somehow connect with the config file in Windows?
What "config file in Windows"? A config file for what exactly? You have not even bother to name the file! You only mention above httpd.conf whereas before (I put a mime type for the 2003 web server) you were pretty vague.

Generally an httpd.conf file is a configuration for an httpd process. The httpd process is generally associated with Apache not IIS. I don't know what IIS calls itself, or rather I've forgotten.

Also, putting a mime type into an httpd.conf file does nothing in and of itself. Config files are generally read at start up so if you didn't restart Apache it wouldn't even know about the change.

And are you using Cygwin's Apache or just a regular Apache for Windows Apache? There's a difference and that difference deals specifically with where the config files reside and how the httpd process searches for them.
Any help would be appreciated.
A more exacting description of the problem would be appreciated...
Andrew DeFaria <>
I hit the CTRL key but I'm still not in control!

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