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Re: Replying to messages

Christopher Faylor wrote:
On Mon, Nov 19, 2007 at 09:21:39PM +0100, Sylvain RICHARD wrote:
Okay, now I get it. You can get the munged version of your message at:
and the pristine one at:


Sigh, indeed. It is very considerate of you to post these for any potential spammer who is scraping this mailing list. i'm sure they are very grateful.


To all of you in this thread, the "sigh" referred to my previous puzzlement re skipmung, see The only further help I got was about a kangahippo (DaveK, no worries - I love reading cygwin-talk btw).

Brad, sorry for posting a link to a page which contains your e-mail address. I had seen Igor's was there but as he posts it in his signature I thought it was of no consequence.

Christopher, If by your remark you meant that one address was harvested I have to bow to you. If you meant that the skipmung thingie is a secret trick best left in the dark, then I have to disagree.

Best regards


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