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Re: Launching java process trouble

Jeannot Lelapin wrote:
Hello Larry,

thank's for your link.

i create the all same variable in the bash script ( like when it is launch manually ) launched by crontab, and the java process launched by the AutoIt compiled script doesn't start.

I write a big AutoIt Script for Windows XP launch by JustInTimeScheduler and that's fine.

This means you either missed a dependent variable or that your script relies
on some other aspect of your environment that you don't get by default
through cron.  For example, 'crond' run as a service which, unless you've
set it it up to run as you (which is an option of the 'cron-config' setup
script), it's running as the SYSTEM.  Although it will switch contexts to
your user when your script runs, this is not the same as running as you
from the command-line.  See <>
for more details of Windows security model and it's impact on Cygwin.  This
may or may not be an issue for your script.  But it does point out yet
another difference that your script might have trouble with.

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