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RE: cygwin install possibly stuck

adamb wrote on Monday, November 19, 2007 5:12 AM::

> only found 1:

Maybe that's all *you* could find, but cygcheck almost certainly
would have found another.  If you had followed the instructions 
given in the first response you received from Eric, you'd almost 
certainly have been up and running by now.

Instead of following the instructions here:
> Problem reports:

You decided to ignore them completely and uninstall instead.

Let's get this clear, you requested help, then ignored the 
instructions you were given, then compounded the offence by 
effectively saying "I've ignored you and did my own thing, and now
that's not worked either".  Yet, you still expect people to rush 
to your assistance?

Instead of what should have taken just 2 messages:

Q) I've got a problem, here's the output of cygcheck...

  A) This is your problem, do x, then y, then z to fix it

we have already got to 8 messages (9 including this) and you STILL 
haven't posted the cygcheck output and are therefore no closer to a 

> Sent from the Cygwin list mailing list archive at

Why am I not surprised?

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