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RE: Reliable old script... - seems to be an AVS program

On 16 November 2007 09:45, Thomas Baker wrote:

> I uninstalled Anti-Vir [1], and the script has run hundreds
> of times on several different data sources with no errors yet,
> so this may indeed be the problem!

  There's another one for the list then I guess.  Ouch.  Nothing's worse than
data loss.

> Question: Is the kernel itself part of one of the packages
> installed by setup.exe, and is it possible to use setup.exe
> to go back to a previous kernel (i.e., to 1.5.22) after one
> has updated to the most recent version?

  Yep.  The "kernel" of cygwin is implemented as a DLL, /bin/cygwin1.dll, and
is shipped in the "cygwin" setup package (along with a few essential related
files).  You can use setup.exe to wind it forward or back.

> I see there was a thread last month about AVS programs [2]
> but see no clear recommendations except one for Anti-Vir [3]
> -- the problem that is causing me problems now! -- and one
> recommendation for AVG [4,5].

  Been running it for several years now, both free and for the past couple
paid-for versions, on many and varied cygwin hosts.  No problems.  Did once
get a false positive on a couple of dlls, but <shrugs> can happen to anybody;
notified grisoft, fetched them back from the virus vault, next update fixed
the bad detect.  Thoroughly impressed by the reliability and low overhead.

[*] - 
Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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