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Re: linked dll data write copy failed errors

David Barr wrote:
I'm getting this error a lot on my laptop which is running Windows XP.
 I tried running rebaseall (I found this suggestion in the archives),
but it didn't help.  There are a couple things that I know usually
cause the error.  One is running the "startx" command.  I've attached
the output of this command, which does not run to completion.  I can't
get an X session to start.  The error also happens a lot when I try to
run the "dired" command in emacs which runs a subprocess to get a
directory listing.  I've also included my cygcheck output.

I'm assuming you ran 'rebaseall' as recommended in it's README?

This error can also be caused by < >.
Have you tried removing AV/anti-spyware from your system?

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