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RE: Asynchronous i/o

On 14 November 2007 15:23, Mike_Cygwin wrote:

> and treated as a newbie for a while.  I do believe I have adressed the TOFU
> thing and that other thing that is too loon to remember.  

  LOL, great typo there.  The blanking people's addresses thing you've got
right, but only half the TOFU thing - you've stopped the TO, but you're still
doing the FUll quote of the entire message you're replying to without any
trimming, including all those useless trailers etc.

> Now, has anybody else thought about this, got some historical info, etc? 
> Anybody else interested in it? 

  Should be fairly straightforward to implement, as windows I/O functions
support asynchronous operations (called "overlapped" in msdn technology).  You
shouldn't need to modify anything except the cygwin dll sources to add the

  See for
some guidelines on how to build the cygwin dll from source.  When adding new
functions to the DLL, you also need to list them in the "cygwin.din" file -
that defines which functions get exported and which don't.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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