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Re: No home directory on new cygwin install

Adam Thomas wrote:
I've installed cygwin dozens of times over the years, and it's always
worked flawlessly. But today when I installed it on my new Thinkpad
something went wrong. After what looked like a perfectly normal base
install, I open the cygwin terminal and it gives me a prompt in the
/usr/bin directory. There appears to be no /home directory and the
path is not correctly set. I googled around a bit but didn't find any
clues. Anyone know what the cause might be?

The OS is WinXP fully patched. The cygwin version is whatever is
current as of 11/14/07.

Check your '/etc/postinstall' directory for any scripts without a '.done'
suffix.  If you have them, either run them directly or re-run 'setup.exe'
so that they get processed.  If that doesn't work, look at 'setup.log.full'
in the directory where you ran 'setup.exe' and see if it offers some insight
as to why these scripts aren't doing what they should.

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