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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: ncdu-1.3-1

Version 1.3-1 of ncdu has been uploaded.

ncdu is a ncurses-based disk usage viewer. It provides a fast and
easy-to-use interface through 'du' utility. It allows to browse through
the directories and show percentages of disk usage.

Cygwin NEWS:
   - Fixed apparent size display, use S_BLKSIZE instead of 512.
   - Ignore file names with '/' to avoid crash when browsing

Upstream NEWS:
   - Added 'r'-key to refresh the current directory
   - Removed option to calculate apparent size: both
     the disk usage and the apparent size are calculated.
   - Added 'a'-key to switch between showing apparent
     size and disk usage.
   - Added 'i'-key to display information about the
     selected item.
   - Added du-like exclude patterns
   - Fixed bug #1758403: large directories work fine now
   - Rewrote a large part of the code
   - Fixed a bug with wide characters
   - Performance improvements when browsing large dirs

Christian Franke


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