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Re: syslog-ng-config errors

On Nov 12 18:22, Tony Benham wrote:
> I've decided to run syslog-ng on my cygwin installation. I updated to latest
> version When I run syslog-ng-config I get four errors 
> setfacl : illegal acl entries
> Is this to be expected ?

All four setfacl calls try to add the SYSTEM user to file/directory ACLs.
If that doesn't work, the SYSTEM user doesn't exist in your /etc/passwd
file, apparently.  If so, your /etc/passwd is broken.  You should fix it
by rerunning mkpasswd.

> I then modified syslog-ng.conf to change root group to Administrators as I don't
> have a root group in /etc/groups.

This means your installation isn't ok.  The root group is added to
/etc/mkgroup by one of the generic postinstall scripts after running
setup.exe.  The base-passwd package, which is part of the Base category
does that for you.

> When I start syslog-ng daemon via cp/services, it starts then immediately stops. 
> The logfile states
> Error binding socket; addr='AF_UNIX(/dev/log)', error='Bad file descriptor (9)'
> Error initializing source driver; source='applications'
> Is there anything I can do to fix this ?

Fix what I have written above and then rerun the syslog-ng-config
script.  Afterwards, make sure the /dev directory exists and is set to
rwx for SYSTEM (getfacl /dev should show and entry "group:SYSTEM:rwx" or
"user:SYSTEM:rwx").  Also make sure that a /dev/log file doesn't exist
before starting syslog-ng.


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