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Re: Reliable old script loses data on new Cygwin installation

Thomas Baker wrote:

> I have searched FAQs and mailing lists for problems with
> "timeout" and the like but find nothing obviously relevant.

I have seen that problem and it has nothing to do with Cygwin.  The
problem is with SATA drives and Window's asynchronous unbuffered disk
I/O, and my Adaptec 1210SA SATA card and driver (actually, I know the
driver is the culprit, but newer drivers are so bad that they can't even
be installed).

With application that use asynchronous unbuffered disk I/O the disk
stops responding after a while, and Windows pops up an error panel that
shows the "timeout" message.

How does is happen in your setting?  I don't know.  Notice that I said
"applications", Windows doesn't use the problematic mode, I've only seen
a couple of applications using it when you configure them to use the
fastest disk I/O possible, one used it all the time (Azureus?) so it was
unusable with that disk.  Could the problem be caused by something else
that runs at the same time as your script?

Hope this helps.
René Berber

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