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Re: Setup reports in-use files when files don't exist, errors creating c:\cygwin and the setup log files

[ note that cygwin-apps is the list to use for setup.exe issues ]

"Matthew X. Economou" wrote:

> this manner.  When I run setup interactively, using the original
> setup.ini file and setting the installation action on "All" to
> "Install", setup sometimes stops on a different file, but it's the
> same error:

In other words, all the above about command line arguments and
environment variables and modified .ini files was not directly related
to the problem.  Please try to whittle down details to only the minimum
needed to reproduce the problem as it makes trying to understand the
issue a lot more straightforward.

>         In-use files detected
>         Unable to extract /usr/share/doc/db-4.1.25/api_c/c_pindex.html
>         -- the file is in use.  Please stop ALL Cygwin processes and
>         select "Retry", or select "Continue" to go on anyway (you will
>         need to reboot).
> If I choose "Retry", I get the same error.  If I choose "Continue",
> setup attempts to extract the next file, fails (presumably for the
> same reason), and goes into the same infinite loops seen when setup is
> run non-interactively.  (In my case, the next file happens to be
> /usr/share/doc/db-4.1.25/api_c/db_close.html.)

In your attachment I see DISK FULL errors being reported by CreateFile. 
It would not surprise me if the code that checks for "I can't create
this because it's in use" was getting confused by a "I can't create this
because there's no room" return value.  If that's the case it would
definitely be a bug but it would not be the cause of why your
installation is failing.  In other words, can you investigate why this
DISK FULL result is being returned?


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