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Setup reports in-use files when files don't exist, errors creating c:\cygwin and the setup log files

I'm trying to install Cygwin 1.5.24-2 using setup.exe and a complete
package set downloaded as of 09 November 2007.  I am executing the
setup program with the following arguments (where %CD% is the current

	setup -d -L -l "%CD%\localpkgs" -R %SystemDrive%\cygwin


	setup -q -d -L -l "%CD%\localpkgs" -R %SystemDrive%\cygwin

Whether or not I run it interactively, setup reports various different
files or directories in use, such as the cygwin root directory, the
/etc subdirectory, or files included in some other package.  When run
non-interactively, setup continuously tries to write to the file or
folder in questions, consuming about 50% of the available CPU on my
computer until setup finally crashes.  Setup typically stops at
/usr/share/doc/db-4.1.25/api_c/db_close.html (part of the db-4.1.25-1
package).  If I cancel the installer, I get the error "cannot open log
file c:\cygwin/var/log/setup.log for writing".

I've customized the package selection by editing
%CD%\localpkgs\setup.ini and replacing every line that starts with
"category:" with "category: Base".  My goal was a complete but silent
(non-interactive) installation of Cygwin on my computer.  Eventually,
I want to distribute Cygwin to all of the computers on my network in
this manner.  When I run setup interactively, using the original
setup.ini file and setting the installation action on "All" to
"Install", setup sometimes stops on a different file, but it's the
same error:

	In-use files detected

	Unable to extract /usr/share/doc/db-4.1.25/api_c/c_pindex.html
	-- the file is in use.  Please stop ALL Cygwin processes and
	select "Retry", or select "Continue" to go on anyway (you will
	need to reboot).

If I choose "Retry", I get the same error.  If I choose "Continue",
setup attempts to extract the next file, fails (presumably for the
same reason), and goes into the same infinite loops seen when setup is
run non-interactively.  (In my case, the next file happens to be

The computer on which I'm attempting this install is an HP ProLiant
DL140 running Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2 with SP2 (it's
fully patched).  I do not have any anti-virus software installed.  The
setup program and the local package directory are all accessed from a
local drive (not a network share).  I ran Process Explorer to see if
some other program has loaded an incompatible version of the Cygwin
DLL, but I haven't been able to find anything like that.  This server
is also running Services for Unix (SFU), specifically the NFS
client/server and the NIS server.  I also have TortoiseSVN and
TortoiseCVS installed, but stopping their helper programs has no
effect on the error. 

I've attached the Process Monitor output, in case that's helpful.
(The entries loop.)  What else should I try?

Best wishes,

"A terrorist attack is just a badly-placarded HAZMAT incident."

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