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Re: how to switch user

Charles D. Russell wrote:
Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
sunny wrote:
when logged as a user, i want to switch to a different user. how can i do that?

Install and use ssh.

how can i add a new user in cygwin?

You can't. Use the Windows 'net' command.

Apropos of ssh: I can't login remotely to another account than my own. ssh -l "My Wife" dell03 and ssh "My Wife"@dell03 both fail, returning a request for a password, though My Wife was set up with no password. "My Wife"/.ssh was been set up on dell03 using ssh-user-config. I can connect to my own account on dell03 with no trouble.

Edit '/etc/sshd_config' and add/uncomment "PermitEmptyPasswords yes" if
you're sure that you don't need the security.  Otherwise, use pubkey

I'm never sure whether I've got the quoting right when dealing with those damned spaces in path or file names.

They are always a problem. Best not to use them.

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