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Issue with bash coprocess

My previous post should have been written like this:

I am trying to make a coprocess in bash, I found an example here:

When I tried that example, it sometimes hung, so to debug it (and to understand it) I made my own version. This also hangs sometimes.

I found that it is this "exec" command that hangs:

  ( "$@" $fifo.o ; rm -f $fifo.i $fifo.o ) &
  exec 3>$fifo.i 4$fifo.o ; rm -f $fifo.i $fifo.o ) &
  sleep 5
  exec 3>$fifo.i 4$fifo.i 4$fifo.o ; rm -f $fifo.i $fifo.o ) &
it does not hang, but the background subshell never ends.

To me, it seems to be a timing issue, as it (seems to) work if I put in the "sleep" command.

I have attached my script. It should give this output:
$ ./mycoproc.bash
coprocess_test_1_server: start
coprocess_test_1_client: init rc: 0
coprocess_test_1_client: put rc: 0
coprocess_test_1_client: get rc: 0
coprocess_test_1_client: REPLY: 1 + 1 = 2
coprocess_test_1_server: end
coprocess_test_1_client: term rc: 0

Is there an issue with my script? bash? cygwin? or me?


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