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Can't start cron as a service, I'm getting the Win32 error 1062 message

Hi there,

I'm not having any luck starting up cron as a service? I installed cygwin as a local user, then I ran mkpasswd with -d since I realized that I should have been a domain user instead. Now, I'm not able start cron as a service. I am using to config cron as a service. After getting the Win32 error 1062 message, it tells me to check the cron.log and cronevents for error messages. When I check cron.log, I'm only getting the following message:

cron: unknown option -- n
usage:  /usr/sbin/cron [-D] [-x debugflag[,...]]

checking cronevents the last message is:
2007/11/07 12:07:04 [SYSTEM] cron: PID 2712: `cron' service stopped, exit status: 1

It seems to work if cron is no configured as a service. I'm not sure what or where I should be looking. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated since I've been working on this for over a week without success.



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