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RE: Wish Setup would accept my Perl

On 06 November 2007 16:21, Brian Mathis wrote:

> I must say with respect that if there are problems porting from
> Activestate to linux/unix, that's a problem with the programmer who
> wrote the code, not Perl.  There's no reason that code that's general
> in nature would not be portable.  

  Does Activestate perl parse unix/posix style paths with a single common '/'
filesystem root?

  If not, case closed I'd say.

  Not to mention ...

--------------->from the AS perl docs<---------------
There are several functions that are unimplemented in the ActivePerl system.
Here is a complete list of unimplemented functions:

Functions for processes and process groups
alarm(), getpgrp(), getppid(), getpriority(), setpgrp(), setpriority()

Fetching user and group info
endgrent(), endpwent(), getgrent(), getgrgid(), getgrnam(), getpwent(),
getpwnam(), getpwuid(), setgrent(), setpwent()

System V interprocess communication functions
msgctl(), msgget(), msgrcv(), msgsnd(), semctl(), semget(), semop(), shmctl(),
shmget(), shmread(), shmwrite()

Functions for filehandles, files, or directories
link(), symlink(), chroot()

Input and output functions

Fetching network info
getnetbyname(), getnetbyaddr(), getnetent(), getprotoent(), getservent(),
sethostent(), setnetent(), setprotoent(), setservent(), endhostent(),
endnetent(), endprotoent(), endservent(), socketpair()
---------------------->end snip<---------------------

  IOW, Perl is not a write-once-run-anywhere language, and AS perl cannot be
assumed to satisfy the requirements that any random cygwin package that
requires perl may impose.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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