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Re: cron problems

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Helge Stenström" <>
To: <cygwin>
Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2007 9:48 AM
Subject: cron problems

| I no longer remember the exact questions, but there are some issues.
Yes, there always are issues but I am not sure why.

| 1. cron-config asked about my password, and it was visible in
| cleartext when I entered it. Is that a bug?
I would be happy to improve the cron-config script if someone proposes
a simple solution.

| 2. What is the password used for? A policy forces me to change
| password on my Windows account every 60 days. Will the cron daemon try
| to use the old password, so that I will be locked out from the
| account? If that happens, it will be difficult to fix, because I
| cannot login.
If you run cron as yourself, Windows requires a password.
Windows will enforce your system policy. Your system administrator can
change it.

| 3. After I enabled cron, I installed a program. It took much longer
| than expected, 35 minutes instead of 2-5 minutes. Meanwhile, there
| were many (> 10 each) processes that used a lot of memory:
| cron.exe (1.5M)
| sh.exe (3.6M)
| I manually killed these processes, and the intallation could finally finnish.
| The crontab at this time consisted of "touch filename" every minute.
| Shouldn't load the CPU.
| Is this a known issue?
The amount of memory per process looks normal. But how many cron.exe
processes did you see? Were the sh processes running under cron?
If there is a bug it's more likely to be in your cron jobs than in cron itself.
Have them produce some output so you can figure out what they do
and how long it takes.


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