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cron problems

I want to use cron on my laptop to run backup jobs to a network disk
regularly. Therefore, I first used crontab:
  crontab myCrontabFile
and then used cron-config to start the cron daemon.

I no longer remember the exact questions, but there are some issues.

1. cron-config asked about my password, and it was visible in
cleartext when I entered it. Is that a bug?

2. What is the password used for? A policy forces me to change
password on my Windows account every 60 days. Will the cron daemon try
to use the old password, so that I will be locked out from the
account? If that happens, it will be difficult to fix, because I
cannot login.

3. After I enabled cron, I installed a program. It took much longer
than expected, 35 minutes instead of 2-5 minutes. Meanwhile, there
were many (> 10 each) processes that used a lot of memory:

cron.exe (1.5M)
sh.exe (3.6M)

I manually killed these processes, and the intallation could finally finnish.
The crontab at this time consisted of "touch filename" every minute.
Shouldn't load the CPU.
Is this a known issue?

Any hints are appreciated.

Best regards,

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