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Re: No display of applications run remotely on desktop.

dceite wrote:
I have a PC using WinXP, having Cygwin installed. The purpose is to remote login in to this machine from a server, so as to
run an application.

The problem is, the application is successfully run using remote login(ssh)
but there is no display of the app in the PC.

I have reinstalled cygwin, but still no success. I have tried checking
"interact service with desktop" but no success.

"Interact service with desktop" means Windows apps you run on the computer
through the service will display on the computer you're running the service
on.  Alternatively, you can use 'ssh' to start Cygwin X apps that will
display back on the client machine (your "server" as you described it) if
you start X first.  But this won't work with apps that aren't X enabled.

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