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Re: Customize setup program.

JoÃo Pedro Oliveira <joao.oliveira <at>> writes:
> Is it possible to call the setup program in quiet mode (or not quiet) 
> and pass to the setup the packages we want to install? I would not like 
> the user "lost" in all the steps of the cygwin setup...

You can define your own package in the setup.ini file that is
in the Base category and have it "require" the packages that 
you want automatically selected.

For example, I have a small file that looks like this:

sdesc: "Required packages for UE programming courses."
ldesc: "Required packages for UE programming courses."
category: Base
requires: a2ps gcc gcc-core gcc-g++ gcc-g77 gcc-gdc gcc-gpc gcc-java ...
version: 1.0.0-0

The requires field actually contains about 100 entries.  I just
append this file to the setup.ini file before running setup

   cat ue_setup.ini >> setup.ini

Then run setup and all of your desired packages are automatically
selected for installation.  It is not quite an unattended install,
but it is just a "click-thru" install.

You can get the initial list of required packages by setting up
one machine with the standard setup and then getting the list
of installed packages from the /etc/setup/installed.db file.

I tweak this from semester to semester to add and remove packages
before we re-image our lab machines.  More importantly, I provide
it to students to ensure that they have all of the necessary software
on their personal machines for software development.

Tony Richardson

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