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RE: cygwin compliation crash when uninstalling the old version of bash

On 05 November 2007 14:48, Mario Frasca wrote:

> William Crosmun wrote:
> Mario - I've had the same problem for some time now. I finally determined to
> track it down. I'll spare you the details, but I found that the file
> /etc/setup /bash.lst.gz was corrupted. Using Windows Explorer, I could open
> the .gz file, but I got an error opening the contained the .lst file
> contained therein. I deleted /etc/setup/bash.lst.gz and was able to upgrade
> bash successfully. 
> Maybe this will work for you.
> ---
> indeed it worked for me too.
> ...@Nens-LT-41:~/Bureaublad$ tar tvzf /etc/setup/bash.lst.gz
> gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file
> tar: Child returned status 1
> tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors
> ...@Nens-LT-41:~/Bureaublad$ rm !$
> rm /etc/setup/bash.lst.gz
> after this I could run Setup.exe without problems.

  Augh!  There goes the last chance of finding out what happened!

  Next time, could somebody hang on to one of those files and perhaps offer it
on the list to anyone who wants to try and figure out in what way it got

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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