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Re: High CPU usage on posix_fallocate call - CVS version

> I can't reproduce this behaviour.  I created a 40 Gigs file (haven't 77
> Gigs left) on my XP box using the posix_fallocate function (which, btw.,
> is basically just a single native NT call under the hood) and it takes
> roughly a few milliseconds.

I checked the dodgy app lists.none of those are running.  The machine is
running Windows Server 2003 x64 R2 and nothing else besides ssh and rsync
under cygwin. I've posted to the rsync list so the developer that created
the patch can tell me if something else is going on.  I looked at the code
and it looks like a simple posix_fallocate call but you never know.  I'm
also asking if someone gets the same issue under a native Linux

I'm not sure if it will make a difference but the disk array is separate
from the machine in that it is a direct-attached fiber array that appears as
a SCSI drive under Windows.

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