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Re: Customize setup program.


I've never really took that close of a look at the cygwin installer, but
I do know that all of the 'major' installers (installshield, nullsoft,
etc) usually have a /Q or /S switch for silent installs.  You would then
need to define a config file with all the parameters for the install. 
I'm thinking maybe you do the install manually, find the setup.ini (or
whichever) file is created with the install log and use that as a
starting point.

Someone will probably be along with a more definitive answer, but
hopefully this is somewhat in the ball park for what you're looking for.



On Mon, 05 Nov 2007 11:07:50 +0000, "João Pedro Oliveira"
<> said:
> Hi!
> I am doing an installation program for my students and want to install 
> cygwin as well.
> I am using Nullsoft NSIS and I want to install only a minimum set (even 
> smaller then the minimum recommended). In the previous setup program, I 
> just copied a minimum installation from an installed version on my 
> computer. I would like to go a bit further and I have this question:
> Is it possible to call the setup program in quiet mode (or not quiet) 
> and pass to the setup the packages we want to install? I would not like 
> the user "lost" in all the steps of the cygwin setup...
> How can I do this?
> Best regards,
> João
  Hussein Patwa

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