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Re: ssh/pubkey authentication and use of subst

On Nov  4 23:12, Greg M wrote:
> I'm running into this, too - albeit with a System error 59. I need to
> "interact with the desktop" too, which won't happen unless I run the sshd as
> System (although I couldn't find anything documenting this limitation beyond
> the cygrunsrv error message).

It's a windows restriction.  In Vista, you can forget the "interact with
desktop" mechanism entirely.  It has been dropped for security reasons.
You need to workaround it in your application.

>  Seems I can have any two of authorized_keys,
> desktop interaction and network file-systems, but unfortunately I need all
> three. :(

If you want your application to run with desktop interaction under Vista
as well, you will have to find another solution anyway.  There's nothing
Cygwin can do for you in this matter.

> So I'm wondering if this is just an accepted problem or something that could
> potentially be worked around in Cygwin. Or am I better off building a local
> workaround? (triggering commands via a polled database instead of ssh) It

In Cygwin's CVS is a new mechanism for getting passwordless logins(*),
but I don't know how far that helps for the network shares.  It certainly
doesn't help for desktop interaction.

What you could do is to run sshd under the user's account, so you get
pubkey auth + network share access.  For the desktop interaction you
should definitely think about another approach.  This has been discussed
a lot in relation to Vista, for instance on newsgroups and forums
related to Windows development.  The suggested approach is to start
a GUI process in the desktop session of the user and to use IPC to
communicate between the service and the GUI app.


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