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Re: ssh/pubkey authentication and use of subst

I'm running into this, too - albeit with a System error 59. I need to
"interact with the desktop" too, which won't happen unless I run the sshd as
System (although I couldn't find anything documenting this limitation beyond
the cygrunsrv error message). Seems I can have any two of authorized_keys,
desktop interaction and network file-systems, but unfortunately I need all
three. :(

So I'm wondering if this is just an accepted problem or something that could
potentially be worked around in Cygwin. Or am I better off building a local
workaround? (triggering commands via a polled database instead of ssh) It
sounds like you (Corinna) don't hold out much hope, and consider it to be a
Windows bug rather than a Cygwin issue, is that right? In that case maybe
it'll never be fixed.

Or maybe we just don't know how to configure our Windows boxes properly, our
expertise is very much on the Unix side. But it doesn't feel (to a Unix
type) like I'm trying to do anything all that tricky.
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