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Re: copying a million tiny files?

"d.henman" wrote:

> >From what Gary mentions.....   indeed rsync is the best way to go.
> At least for thinking, on time backups.
> With rsync, only the first time is slow.

Did you even *read* the original question?  He didn't say anything about
doing incremental backups, he just wanted to "move some files between
disks".  He also explicitly said that he's currently using rsync but
that it was unsatisfactorily slow in even just coming up with the
candidate list of files to transfer, let alone actually doing anything. 
The rsync algorithm won't do anything to help in this case.

> Using xcopy, is kind of silly and wont get you compatiblity...... especially in scripts....

Portability to non-Windows systems is of course a problem but xcopy is
present on every install of Windows that has ever existed going back to
some very old version of MS-DOS so it is probably one of the most
portable commands in existance on this platform.


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