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Re: copying a million tiny files?

Brian Dessent wrote:
sam reckoner wrote:

I'm not exaggerating. I have over one million small files that like to
move between disks. The problem is that even getting a directory
listing takes forever.

Is there a best practice for this?

I know it's heresy but if you just want to copy files why not use the native XCOPY? It will not suffer the performance degredation of having to emulate the POSIX stat semantics on every file, just like the native DIR command in a large directory does not take ages because it simply uses FindFirstFile/FindNextFile which are fairly efficient (but do not provide sufficient information to emulate POSIX.)

I'm sorry Brian. We put up with allot from you but I think we have to draw the line at heresy. What is the penalty for heresy around here anyway? Expulsion? Flogging? Burning at the stake? Whatever it is, I think we need to make an example of Brian.

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