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RE: git on cygwin howto?

> >
> > That is the functionality that I need.
> Why?  If you are trying to emulate Linux, by using binary mounts, you
> should not want \r in your files.  And if you really insist on using
> text
> mounts with git, you are probably better off trying the mingw build of
> git.

I am not trying to emulate Linux, but rather get a replacement version
control system for CVS, whose cygwin port works fine as I need, i.e.,
crlf automatically replacing lf in text files, even if the remote
repository is Linux-based and only has lf in text files.  My work has
for years been in an environment where text files must be in their
native format regardless of choice of repository and regardless of the
software engineer's choice of desktop.

Given that the cygwin CVS works fine, I wasn't looking for and wasn't
aware that there was a Mingw port of git, I was assuming that the
cygwin git should fit the bill.  Thanks for the hint, sorry to have
bothered you.  For archive purposes, here's the URL for the README for

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