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Re: git on cygwin howto?

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According to Peter Klavins on 9/23/2007 7:21 AM:
> Could someone please help me use git on cygwin?  Ah, by the way, I use
> DOS line ends on cygwin, i.e., \r\n not \n like on Linux.  Could that be
> the problem?  If so, then maybe it's something cygwin git could be aware
> of?

That is exactly the problem.  Git won't work if spurious \r appear in the
files, which is what happens on a text mount when a file is created in
text mode and reopened in binary mode.  Mount your git repository on a
binary mount instead.  A patch was already proposed upstream to make
git.exe always open files in binary mode, but I don't know whether it was
ever accepted, and even if it was, it doesn't help for those git actions
which are still independent scripts instead of built into git.exe.  I
suppose that next time I try a release, I could spend more time trying to
support text mode, but it isn't my highest priority, because git contains
so many disparate tools that would all need auditing.

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