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Re: occasional problem: .bash_profile permission denied

Ronald Fischer wrote:
I configured my system so that it automatically starts Cygwin
during boot time via the Windows autostart feature, by using
startxwin and Cygwin/X to start several xterm and rxvt terminals,
and also to start one bash shell in plain Cygwin (outside X).

Occasionally, one or two of the shells started that way complain

  bash: /cygdrive/h/.bash_profile: Permission denied
My first idea was that perhaps that it could be a race condition between
Windows starting the Autostart applications and mounting the network
drives, because my $HOME is on a network drive. But this would not
explain the  following: When I start several xterm's from my
startxwin.bat, it happens sometimes that the "permission denied"
error occurs on one of the terminals started *later*, while the
earlier started ones don't have this problem.

I'm not sure that means anything, since it could happen that you start one xterm, it gets preempted to run your .bat, which starts another xterm that tries to read the not-yet-mounted home drive, and then the drive is mounted and the first xterm gets scheduled again.

Does adding a sleep to your .bat help?

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