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Re: Is there someone offering cygwin paid support?

Marko Loparic wrote:
Hello Steve,

On 9/17/07, Steve Holden <> wrote:
Just a quick note, by the way, to question your apparent assumption that
"paid support" will get you any further than using this list!

I have already tried the list, some people helped, someone suggested me to use cacls, which certainly put me closer to the solution, but it was not enough. If you have an idea of what else I could try please tell me. DOS commands have no permission problem, emacs for windows also opens the directory without problems, but all cygwin commands get a permission denied error...

Sorry, if people like Dave Korn can't help I doubt anything I bring to the party will be of more assistance.

I think the people most likely to help are the administrators who put those funky access control lists on the share.

I suppose one thing you could do is use a local security policy to audit directory access: that might give you some clue as to why Cygwin processes were being denied access, but there are no guarantees.

Auditing on the server might also give you further information.

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