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Re: How do I make scripts my PC executable

David Christensen wrote:
Andrew DeFaria wrote:
We cannot debug your environment because we don't have your

I didn't ask for help debugging my environment, TYVM. I was attempting to help zip184 with a problem I've faced in the past, and it turned into a huge exercise in negative reinforcement that will dissuade me from posting on this list again anytime soon.

Well that would be a shame, since you are obviously a helpful individual. Couldn't you just write this one time off to experience and give the list another chance? While I know of friendlier newsgroups than this there aren't many, and considering the volume of questions that people like Corinna and Dave get involved in I think they stay remarkably calm and courteous.

For my part, if anything I said offended please accept my apologies. I just thought you misunderstood my original posting was all.

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