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RE: Full reinstall now fails with Vista STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION during postinstall

On 29 August 2007 01:05, Jim Kleckner wrote:

> In trying to figure out what was going on with Vista Business,
> I removed all of cygwin and reinstalled, first as me with
> administrator privileges and then with "run as administrator".
> In all cases, the postinstall scripts all fail with lines like:
>        6 [unknown (0x890)] bash 3248 _cygtls::handle_exceptions:
>   301469 [unknown (0x890)] bash 3248 open_stackdumpfile: Dumping stack
> trace to bash.exe.stackdump
> 2007/08/28 16:31:16 abnormal exit: exit code=35584
> I turned off NOD32 and Defender first.
> It had worked for a little time and now I can't seem to resurrect it.
> The cygcheck output is attached.
> Is this a dual-core issue?

  It could be a NOD32 issue, to judge by the trouble it's been causing
elsewhere today:
[and ]

  Looks like you'd need to try actually uninstalling it before you can be sure
whether it's the cause of the problem or not.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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