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Re: Danny Smith stepping down as MinGW maintainer

Christopher Faylor wrote:
Danny Smith sent email to the MinGW lists yesterday indicating that he
was stepping down as a maintainer.  This is very sad news.  Danny was
the key person responsible for most of the improvements made to gcc and
binutils for windows in the last couple of years.  His contributions
will be sorely missed.  This is a real blow for Windows versions of gcc
and binutils on both MinGW and Cygwin.

Are you sure that Danny is stepping down as both an
maintainer AND as an
maintainer for win32-related platforms? Danny's original message, while ambiguous and worrisome, admits a number of interpretations. To me, it seemed mostly concerned with administrivia related to the *sourceforge* mingw project itself:

"I tred to remove myself from the mingw developer/admin group...[and could not]...Please remove my admin and developer status"

Everyone seems to be assuming "the worst" -- and perhaps they are correct and it IS time to panic:

(Doug Schaefer is considering switching his entire Wascana [Eclipse for Windows] project from mingw to MSVC:

...but then again, maybe not. Danny has not yet responded to this question:
"I am in a little shock. Do you mean by this that you leave the developing of gcc for mingw?"

Danny has the ability to unilaterally change gcc/MAINTAINERS yet he's still listed:

windows, cygwin, mingw Danny Smith <address>

Further, he has made no similar "bye" announcement to the gcc lists.

Regardless, I join with everyone else in thanking Danny for his work to date and wishing him luck in the future.


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