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RE: How do I make scripts my PC executable

Andrew DeFaria wrote:
> ... Additionally, if say run from cron,

Thanks for the reminder -- cron was another issue/ test case that drove me
towards the solution I posted.

> Since you were obviously having difficulties there is still something
> wrong with *your* environment ...
> and as such I know that I, personally, would be concerned about that
> until I got it fixed.
> However, as a profession I squint and say "That just ain't right"
> and "That's a kludgy fix" and it would bother  me. I know from past
> experience that such things eventually have a knack of coming back
> and biting you in the ass later on...

I make no claim that my solution was "correct", "best", "ideal", "proper",
"sexy", etc.; it just works AFAIC.  Cygwin changes on a regular basis, causing
breakage.  So, I make, keep, and run images of Cygwin installations that seem to
work, and only upgrade/update when I absolutely have to.  I'm a Cygwin user, not
a Cygwin developer; I have no desire to become the later (and this thread is
reminding me why).  If you feel compelled to research and explain the problems
with the code I posted and provide a "better" answer, go for it.

> We cannot debug your environment because we don't have your
> environment. 

I didn't ask for help debugging my environment, TYVM.  I was attempting to help
zip184 with a problem I've faced in the past, and it turned into a huge exercise
in negative reinforcement that will dissuade me from posting on this list again
anytime soon.


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