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RE: How do I make scripts my PC executable

Steve Holden wrote:
> Well there's no need to be so defensive.  A simple "that doesn't
> work", preferably with a following "because ..." would have been
> quite adequate. Now I have seen your reply to Andrew DeFaria I am
> somewhat better informed.

If my tone put you off, I apologize.  Understand that GNU, Cygwin, Linux, *BSD,
etc., are labors of love; users are expected to put effort into educating
themselves, finding answers on their own, and helping others with difficulties.
Requesting help on a support forum implies a willingness to learn, to do work,
and to share the results.  Understand that my solution is by no means the only or
the best answer; I beat my head against the problem until I found something that
worked, and then stopped there.  If you follow my suggestion of "please test your
ideas, test my solution, figure out the obvious and unobvious differences, and
post your results", I suspect that we'll all have a better understanding of
what's going on with Windows, Windows Explorer, cmd.exe, Cygwin, and/or Bash.


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