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Re: Cygwin w/ Apache+mysql+php+Perl (win XP)

Hi, thx for the response.  I tried w/ 'mysql -h -u???? -p????'
(substitute the ????s w/ the appropriate username and passwd of course) and
it seems to just 'hang' there w/out doing anything.  If I entered an invalid
username, it'll immediately give me ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for
user "....'@'localhost' (Using password: YES).  SO I am confused.  

Besides this mysql connection through cygwin, I have issues w/ the perl
connecting to mysql through cygwin also. Everything through DOS / apache
server is fine.


Yaakov (Cygwin Ports) wrote:
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> JamesStock wrote:
>> I have Apache, mysql, PHP and perl (activestate) installed in my XP (NOT
>> through cygwin but installed individually).  I can use dos prompt and
>> connect to mysql DB (e.g mysql -U???? -P?????), I can also use
>> Mysql-Front /
>> SQLyog to connect to mysql (localhost of course).  But if I open an xterm
>> through cygwin, I cannot connect to mysql (e.g mysql -U???? -P?????).
> Try mysql -h
> Yaakov
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