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Cygwin w/ Apache+mysql+php+Perl (win XP)

Hi I am having issues w/ the following config:

I have Apache, mysql, PHP and perl (activestate) installed in my XP (NOT
through cygwin but installed individually).  I can use dos prompt and
connect to mysql DB (e.g mysql -U???? -P?????), I can also use Mysql-Front /
SQLyog to connect to mysql (localhost of course).  But if I open an xterm
through cygwin, I cannot connect to mysql (e.g mysql -U???? -P?????).  Also
the activestate perl (has DBD DBI mysql module installed) can access mysql
db (through dos calling a pl script / using cgi through apache).  But I
cannot use perl through cygwin to connect to mysql.  WHen I tried to do a
'mysql -U???? -P????' through the xterm in cygwin, it'll just 'hang' and
keep me waiting and waiting w/out I had to do a hard excape. 
also when I tried to execute the same perl script (the same script I used
through dos prompt) through the xterm in cygwin, i cannot connect to mysql. 
Not sure if it's the same issue (mysql and perl), but how should I tackle
them?  I know that the perl and mysql package is different b/w the one
installed in windows and the one installed through cygwin.  anyways I can
have cygwin use the perl and mysql installed in windows?  when I do a 'which
perl' it tells me it's using /usr/bin/perl while the perl (activestate)
under windows is installed in another dir so it's definitely using a
different perl package.  I tried installed DBI:mysql bundle into the perl
pkg in cygwin but it failed becoz it cannot find the mysql_config. so I
cannot installed that.  ANyhelp will be appreciated. thx

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