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Re: 1.5.24: sshd immediately disconnects upon receiving a connection

Jeremy K. Truax wrote:
Since you're starting things this way, I assume you realize the
it imposes and the issues you will need to deal with when you migrate
to running this as a service.  If you don't, I recommend just wiping your
installation and reinstalling (this isn't required but it's often easier
than tracking down all the files that need fiddling with and doing so).
Once reinstalled, you can accomplish the same thing from a system-owned
shell (search the email archives for the recipe).  This way allows you to
do the debugging you want without polluting the service configuration.

Thanks for that info. Once I figure out the problem, I'll try just wiping
the install then before running it as a service again.

OK.  The way you're running it, though, means that the user that you log
in as must be the same user as is running 'sshd'.  Are you using password
or pubkey authentication?  Your better off with password in this case.

Connection from port 1195

I hope the above is a typo/wrong example.

Why is that? That's my connection from another cygwin window from localhost
(ssh localhost). The port 1195 I'm guessing is the client's port. Am I
wrong in thinking that?

When trying from another computer I get a similar message:

Connection from port 57735

My mistake.

Why didn't you run ssh-user-config too?

Actually I did try that as well. It had the same result.

Yeah, go with password.

Appreciate any other suggestions, thanks.

Any way you can work with the system directly, rather than through the
terminal server?  It might help eliminate a variable.

Setting up sshd on a TS here (and sshing to localhost from the TS) worked OK
for me but in my case, I don't have the choice of running sshd as a service
or using privilege separation because my user on the TS is not privileged.

In actuality, it sounds like this is indeed a socket problem.  Any chance
you have some other anti-virus/anti-spyware/firewall on this system?

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