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Re: 1.5.24: sshd immediately disconnects upon receiving a connection

> Since you're starting things this way, I assume you realize the
> limitations
> it imposes and the issues you will need to deal with when you migrate
> to running this as a service.  If you don't, I recommend just wiping your
> installation and reinstalling (this isn't required but it's often easier
> than tracking down all the files that need fiddling with and doing so).
> Once reinstalled, you can accomplish the same thing from a system-owned
> shell (search the email archives for the recipe).  This way allows you to
> do the debugging you want without polluting the service configuration.

Thanks for that info. Once I figure out the problem, I'll try just wiping
the install then before running it as a service again.

>> Connection from port 1195
> I hope the above is a typo/wrong example.

Why is that? That's my connection from another cygwin window from localhost
(ssh localhost). The port 1195 I'm guessing is the client's port. Am I
wrong in thinking that?

When trying from another computer I get a similar message:

Connection from port 57735

> Why didn't you run ssh-user-config too?

Actually I did try that as well. It had the same result.

Appreciate any other suggestions, thanks.

Jeremy K. Truax

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