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Re: How do I make scripts my PC executable

David Christensen wrote:
Steve Holden wrote:
I posted alternative content for the batch script that would save you
from putting two unnecessary lines in the shell script. Or so I
The -l (or --login) option has bash read its usual startup files, thereby avoiding the need four the course (".") commands at the beginning of the shell script.

I tried the Bash --login option, and couldn't get *everything* to work (e.g. all
the backup Bash and Perl scripts, and everything they depend upon) under all
tested conditions -- invoking the shell script via Cygwin Bash, invoking the
shell script via a batch file invoked from cmd.exe, invoking the batch file via
Windows Explorer, invoking the batch file via a Windows shortcut, etc.. Please
test your ideas, test my solution, figure out the obvious and unobvious
differences, and post your results.

Well there's no need to be so defensive. A simple "that doesn't work", preferably with a following "because ..." would have been quite adequate. Now I have seen your reply to Andrew DeFaria I am somewhat better informed.

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