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Re: How do I make scripts my PC executable

Gary Johnson wrote:
  The first time you do that, windows will complain it doesn't know what to do
with a sh file, and offer you the choice of looking up on the web or selecting
from a list which program you want to open .sh files with; choose the
select-from-a-list option, when the list appears click the browse button, find
your way to cygwin\bin\bash.exe and select that.  Make sure "Always use this
program" is ticked, enter a nice descriptive name such as "Bash script" in the
description box, OK it and away you go!

That won't run the script in the same environment that it would get when run from a Cygwin login shell, though, will it? I would think the program might have to be a .bat file that contains something like this (untested):

C:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe --login -c %1

Last year I wrote app (weft) that allows you to double-click a .sh file in the Windows Explorer to start the script, a bit similar to the chere package. I basically does the registry settings mentioned above.

Even tried to make it a package, but since nobody was interested in it I never continued.

If anyone is interested, I have put the archived of 0.4-1 back on-line. That version works reasonably well with local and mounted drives. It has problems with UNC paths.


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