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RE: Howto force winXP use cygwin "if test -n"

On 29 August 2007 06:56, Jon Lambert wrote:

>> "Dave Korn" wrote:
>>   Perhaps you should elaborate on the real underlying problem, rather than
>> just showing us a symptom and asking for a cure based on your own unstated
>> false diagnosis. 
> The real problem is the Windows version of the RMagick gem installation is
> broken.  This is RMagick's problem and should be reported by the OP to the
> Rmagick forums.  This has nothing to do with cygwin.  If one wanted to
> install RMagick on a Cygwin Ruby installation then one would not choose the
> [Win32] version in the gem install dialog, but would choose the [Ruby]
> version (which is the Unix/Linux/Cygwin version).

  Ah.  Do you suppose the OP would do better trying to run the whole thing in a
mingw shell?  That might be the right combination of posixy-goodness with

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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