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Re: Howto force winXP use cygwin "if test -n"

Hugo Martin (Tourbillon Enterprises) wrote:

c:\> gem install rmagick --include-dependencies

Run the above from within bash?

No, from the windows cmd shell, I only need "if test -n", if I run it within bash I'd have to install all the apps I need again :(

Now I think you're starting to understand. ;-)  If you want to run a
shell script written for a particular shell, you need that shell.  If
that doesn't make sense to you, think of the reverse.  How would
you run a batch script without cmd.exe?

FWIW, if your script only uses shell built-ins, then you only need
to install bash and cygwin packages.  While I don't recommend this
configuration, it should do what you want if your script conforms
to the limitations I just mentioned.

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