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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated [experimental]: coreutils-6.9-5

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According to Ehud Karni on 8/22/2007 3:02 PM:
> I have mounted the NTFS on my Linux (Centos5) using the `mount.cifs'
> command. It is a case-sensitive OS with a case-sensitive FS but with
> case-insensitive mediator (the XP hosting OS). I think the Cygwin
> situation is almost exactly the same. However there is a big difference
> in how `mv' works on Cygwin and Linux:

That's somewhat to be expected, as my case-insensitive patch is

> # ll *c
> -rwxrwxrwx+ 1 ???????? None 34 Aug 22 23:09 TST.uc

Hmm, your /etc/passwd file needs to be updated.

> # mv tst.uc
> # ll *c
> -rwxrwxrwx+ 1 ???????? None 34 Aug 22 23:09

Yes, the rename occurs even if the first argument did not match the case
of the file on disk.

> # mv
> mv: `' and `' are the same file

Intentional.  My patch specifically does not attempt a case rename when
the two arguments are identical, even if the two identical arguments
differ in case from the disk file, under the idea that a user may not be
aware that they are spelling the filename with a different case.  It is
only when the two arguments differ in case that I check whether a
case-renaming was requested.  I could perhaps be persuaded to change this,
but right now I'm inclined to leave it the way it is.

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