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Re: rsync between WinNT and Linux (--perms --owner --group)

On 8/25/2007 12:27 AM, Richard Ivarson wrote:
René Berber wrote:
Richard Ivarson wrote:
Does Cygwin's rsync send the user and group names to the Linux rsync at

No, rsync used uid / gid, the numeric user/group id, not the names,
and unless you did something to synchronize them they are different.


So I suppose Cygwin rsync (tar etc) always uses the UID/GID, like you say, and so sees "no match" on the destination system in my case... That explains what I am seeing.

rsync preserves the user for me as long as the name is the same, even if the UIDs are different, at least when going from Cygwin to Linux[*].

On 8/24/2007 12:25 PM, Richard Ivarson wrote:
- "Privatedir" (users "joseph", "mary" and group "family" have got

How to both "joseph" and "mary" have rwx? Are you using Windows ACLs to specify this? rsync ignores them. It will only preserve the standard permission bits, not the Windows ACLs.

When I start Cygwin's rsync with the --archive option, like this: [joseph@WinNT]> rsync --archive Freedir/ Privatedir/ joseph@host:/Mirror/

Also, note that according to the rsync man page, the owner is preserved only if the receiving rsync is running as root (i.e., root@host, not joseph@host). So in your example, "Privatedir" would have been owned by joseph on the receiving side even if it was owned by another user on the sending side.

[*] I could not get rsync to preserve ownership when going from Linux to Cygwin. I tried changing /etc/passwd to call the SYSTEM user "root", but rsync gives an error in this case:

rsync: chown "/tmp/.t.txt.xOgIAf" failed: Invalid argument (22)

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