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Re: rsync between WinNT and Linux (--perms --owner --group)

René Berber wrote:
Richard Ivarson wrote:
On the Linux PC there are the same two users and the group.

Very unlikely. Your concept of user/group is wrong.

I meant same named user (name) and group (name).

On the WinNT side there's a user named "joseph" and on the Linux side there's a user named "joseph", too.
Same goes for the group.

What's wrong with this concept?

I'm aware they don't have got the same UID/GID on the different hosts, though:

Does Cygwin's rsync send the user and group names to the Linux rsync at

No, rsync used uid / gid, the numeric user/group id, not the names, and unless you did something to synchronize them they are different.

Do you mean Cygwin rsync (2.6.6) oder rsync in general? According to your paragraph :

> Type `id` on a Cygwin terminal, those numbers is what rsync (and tar, scp,
> etc.) record, the username could be anything and it's not used.

... I suppose you mean Cygwin, because the (Unix) rsync manual says:
With this option rsync will transfer numeric group and user IDs rather than using user and group names and mapping them at both ends.

By default rsync will use the username and groupname to determine what ownership to give files. The special uid 0 and the special group 0 are never mapped via user/group names even if the --numeric-ids option is not specified.

If a user or group has no name on the source system or it has no match on the destination system, then the numeric ID from the source system is used instead. See also the comments on the "use chroot" setting in the rsyncd.conf manpage for information on how the chroot setting affects rsync's ability to look up the names of the users and groups and what you can do about it.

So I suppose Cygwin rsync (tar etc) always uses the UID/GID, like you say, and so sees "no match" on the destination system in my case... That explains what I am seeing.

How could I do something to synchronize the UID/GID ? Manually try to set the Linux UID/GID to the Windows values or vice versa? (is that possible with existing users?)



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