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rsync between WinNT and Linux (--perms --owner --group)


with pleasure I use Cygwin. Thanks a lot to all developers who make this
great package possible! It makes WinNT usable. :-)

I use a WinNT (5.x) PC with the the current Cygwin's old rsync version 2.6.6
to sync files with a Linux PC which uses the newer version 2.6.9 of rsync.
(Btw. I'm looking forward to the new Cygwin's rsync version, which Corinna

Back to topic: it all works very well until it comes to user/group permessions...
Say I've got two directories on the WinNT PC (source) with the following

 - "Freedir"   (all users have got "rwx")
 - "Privatedir" (users "joseph", "mary" and group "family" have got "rwx")

On the Linux PC there are the same two users and the group. (Do upper-/
lowercase matter on the WinNT PC when it comes to syncing files with a Linux PC?)

When I start Cygwin's rsync with the --archive option, like this:
[joseph@WinNT]> rsync --archive Freedir/ Privatedir/ joseph@host:/Mirror/

.. both directories are being transfered OK, but whilst on the destination host the access permissions on "Freedir" are set rwx for all users, the "Privatedir" has got access permissions "rwx" just for user joseph. So actually it looks like the source user, group etc are being ignored?
Does Cygwin's rsync send the user and group names to the Linux rsync at all?
If it does: how would I make folder "Privatedir" to be "rwx" for joseph and
mary and have the group "family" ?

P.S. I see there's a promising option "--chmod" added to newer rsync versions which I could use well for my purpose! Unfortunately... Cgwin's rsync version (2.6.6) doesn't know this option, yet.

Thanks a lot.


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